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  • 11 Oct 2022 by Brian Gerardo

    Name: Michelle Nguyen

    On the resume: I am an optometric technician and have worked in many industries.

    Beyond the resume: I am a multi-passionate creative. My main passions include dance, astrology, and tarot.

    Why I joined NAAAP Baltimore: I wanted to stay connected to a community of Asian Americans.

    Favorite NAAAP experience so far: Since I currently live in Annapolis, I enjoy the daily check-ins and group conversations on Slack since I am unable to physically attend a lot of the events.

  • 04 Oct 2022 by Brian Gerardo

    Name: Yi Q. Chen (She/They)

    Role in NAAAP: Self Care and Wellness Program Lead

    On my resume: Clinical Therapist at Rise and Reclaim Therapy

    Beyond my resume: I feel recharged and most present in natural spaces (and around dogs!) I’m also working on healing and reconnecting with parts of my ancestry through gardening

    Why I joined NAAAP Baltimore: Friendship and community! I joined because I wanted to co-create safe and connection-building spaces in the community, among the community!

    Favorite NAAAP experience so far: I loved volunteering with the Plant Lovers [Community Builders group] at BLISS Meadows and getting to feed the Nigerian Dwarf Goats!!