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Join NAAAP in the celebration of APIHM on May 23rd at 7pm EST to celebrate and bring awareness to the value and respect of the complex adoptee experience.The internal narrative of transnational and multiracial adoptee’s creates unique stories illustrating the internal struggles of being a minority within a minority. However the traditional understanding of adoption and an adoptee's identities are seen as single monolithic with a stigmatized ideal overlooking the true complexity of an adoptee’s experience. This embodies the internal conflict of identity and cultural struggles that leads to a lifelong journey of navigating two worlds that epitomizes the eternal feeling of “living in a hyphen”. This adoptee identity crisis of living at two crossroads often leads to the frustrated and isolated feeling of not having your perspectives and experiences feel truly “valid” and “enough”. It is time for Asian American Transracial Adoptees to take action and channel this negative emotion into an educational movement by exploring the joy and contention of the diverse gray scale that lies within the adoptee’s unique identity based on their environments, social circles and personal experiences. Our panel will discuss the importance of navigating two worlds through the discovery of high and low experiences to educate and inspire the public about the internal narrative of transnational and multiracial adoptee’s lifelong discovery of identity and true self. 

23 May 2024
7:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

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